Our Doctors

Alan Shlimon, DDS
Dr. Shlimon is originally from Iraq, where he began studying dentistry before achieving his dental degree from the University of Illinois in 2007. Since graduating, he has consistently applied himself to continuing education courses and seminars so he can help his patients receive the most advanced dental care available today. He maintains membership in the American Dental Association.

Dr. Shlimon is newly married. His hobbies include Arabic dancing.

William U. Wax, DDS
Dr. Wax achieved his DDS degree from the University of Illinois and has years of experience as a general dentist. He is very active in the dental community and serves as an editor and writer for dental publications. He is a member of the American Dental Association. Dr. Wax consistently attends continuing education seminars and completes courses to stay current on the latest innovations in dentistry. Patients, especially children, appreciate Dr. Wax’s caring approach to providing dental treatment.

Dr. Wax has strong family values, is an active member of his synagogue, and enjoys completing puzzles in his free time.

Michael Cascio, D.D.S.

Ida Aguilar, D.D.S.

Robert Sandusky, D.D.S.

Gula Iren, D.D.S.

Ida Aguilar D.D.S.

Earl Roden D.D.S.

Nikisha Jodhan D.D.S.